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We give you affiliate marketing campaigns that are working right now!

Full affiliate campaigns that no one would dare publish on any blogs or forums. Campaign details including screenshots, traffic sources, keywords, ads, urls to targets and all the other juicy details.


Over 5 years of affiliate marketing experience, focusing on Mobile, Facebook and other social traffic. Likes to find angles on campaigns that blows away the competition.

Mr. Green

Mr Green is the self proclaimed heart throb of online marketing among other things. He has been in the online marketing world for over 5 years and has snowballed into a successful seasoned veteran. Running $x,xxx,xxx media buys, social and mobile campaigns. Also has a great understanding on the Plenty of Fish platform. Lives by the Motto "just test it".


Started off as a PPV expert. One of the most well known PPV media buyers to ever exist. Worked his way into a mix of different niches and traffic sources and has absolutely dominated a couple markets. Affiliate managers chase him down because the volume of leads he brings is astronomical. He's also known for creating all the tool behind STM (see our tools below)

How are the StackThatMoney private forums different?
  • We have a non bullshit, non guru, non up-sell approach. This allows you to take the lessons we give you and actually get them into gear without worrying about misinformation or rehashed noise.

  • We give you campaigns, case studies and guides that work with offers right now.

  • You get access to a plethora of tools that would cost you high $xx,xxx to get created yourself.

  • Meet thousands of other mega affiliates in the forums!

  • This isn't hundreds of pages of lessons you'll never read. It's hands on content, case studies and guides from 2012 that you can apply right now!

What inside the forums?

Here's a little glimpse of some of the top threads from October…

STM Mobile Tracker

Our mobile tracker is the best in the industry because it's SELF HOSTED. Meaning no one can see your data except yourself. It's the 1 stop shop to track all your mobile campaigns, it cost us $xx,xxx to make, and it's 100% free to you! It's updated monthly.

Plenty of Fish Spy Tool
(worth $x,xxx/month)

Spy on affiliates who are making $XXX,XXX profit/month! The tool has been completely revamped. It contains almost every demographic available on Plenty of Fish. Providing multiple countries and 7 months worth of ads in the database!

Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader (worth $xxx/month)

You get Mr. Greens Plenty of Fish uploading tool completely free! Individual affiliates spend $250,000+/Month on POF ads. The faster you move, the more you'll make. With the uploader you can create 1000's of ads in minutes, easily split test ad copies/images, split test demographics, and import/exports CSV files

*Private* Spy Tool

A private banner spy tool that normally is sold $79/month. We would like to keep details as private as possible. You will find more info inside the forums.

Over *50 landing pages that we've
made & used for $x,xxx/day
campaigns! (*priceless)
Discounts on lots of 3rd party products! (worth $xxx)

Lot's of product owners, and software distributors come to us looking to sell their products. We'll screen them all, and allow the best ones to be advertised on the forums in a thread, but only if a large discount is given. We'll take no cut and pass 100% of the discount on to you, because we're all friends :)

    • ROI Calculator
    • Pop ad previewer
    • URL scraper
    • Top 1 million domain explorer
    • Domain expander
    • Adsense finder
    • Keyword grouper
    • Youtube scraper
    • Alexa category scraper
    • Alexa category scraper
    • Related keywords finder
    • Domain typo's
    • ROI estimator
    • Weighted URL rotator
Success Stories

Only 90 spots remain at the $99/m price. Will be raising to $150/m after these are gone.

Industrial Testimonials
  • Justin Barr (Owner of

    I've known Jordan for a while now and not only is he one of the biggest blogs on Affbuzz but his extensive knowledge about social media affiliate marketing is some of the best in the industry.

  • Josh Todd ( & Head of Marketing at

    I have known and worked with Lorenzo for over 3 years now. He continually amazes me with his creativity and passion for marketing. He is one of the most successful guys I have ever met, yet he still goes out of his way to help out his fellow affiliates on a regular basis. Anyone who has met him in person will tell you there's just something different about Mr. Green. The more opportunity you have to spend time with him, the more successful you will become.

  • Fraser MacLachlan (Senior Affiliate Manager - Mundo Media)

    When Besmir runs pops he knows how to bring the volume. We've worked on several campaigns together and he dives in with an aggressiveness that I rarely see. His knowledge of the space and ability to evolve concepts is top notch, I highly recommend working with him.

  • Brittany Bankston (Senior Affiliate Manager - AKMG)

    I have had the pleasure to work with Jordan for a couple years now. When quiz first hit the market, Jordan drove more traffic to those offers than the creators themselves. That's just one of the many firm examples I can account for!

  • Wes Mahler (Founder of Tracking 202)

    Lorenzo is one of the best performance marketers I've had the pleasure of getting to know since I've been i n this industry. He continually pushes himself to outperform the already huge successes he's had in the past. Lorenzo has been able to produce huge results for a wide variety of advertisers consistently, which is difficult for many performance based marketing companies because they always have to be on-top of t he newest and hottest trends. But most importantly, Lorenzo is not just an incredible marketer who can drive a large amount of qualified customers to the advertisers he works with. Lorenzo is a great business man, he is a leader, he helps educate the marketing community with his popular blog and outside of business, Lorenzo is just a genuinely good person all together.

  • Eleah Portillo (Senior Affiliate Manager -

    Equipped with diverse skill sets, Mr. Green is without a doubt one of the best in the performance space with a diverse tool belt of talent at his disposal - smart, savvy and some serious Adobe Creative Suite skills. His scope of the performance space and breadth of proven affiliate marketing tactics are second to none. His creativity is unparalleled, and this really shines thru his approach to affiliate marketing and writing! The best part? He's actually a fabulous individual without the usual ego the comes with success. Work with him, learn from him, find any reason to get to know him.

  • Jonathan Volk (

    Mr.Green is legit - the real deal. Combine his extensive IM knowledge with his excellent ability to communicate in a fun way and you've got someone you must listen to - whatever it is.

  • Amish Shah (Internet Guru Extraordinaire)

    Lorenzo Green is an extremely well diversified affiliate and knows the industry inside and out. Lorenzo teaches real and long term strategies that most affiliates don't know. He's the real deal.

  • Kevin De Vincenzi (Network Owner - XY7)

    I have worked with Besmir for quite some time. He is truly an innovator,always ahead of the curve in his out of the box ppv tactics and guess what THEY WORK.

So What’s This All Worth To You?

Consider this: One solid tip for an affiliate can easily help generate $ 1,000 or more every month! We aren’t just providing tips we are providing proven profiting campaings and step by step case studies. We have ran over $ XX XXX,XXX in ad spen over five different traffic sources. We still do, so content will always be fresh.

The Affexpert toolset usually cost $39/monyh + On top of that you get Mr Green’s Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader which normally costs $100. When you add in 3rd party discounts a stackthatmoney membership will pay for itself 10x over

Only 90 spots remain at the $99/m price. Will be raising to $150/m after these are gone.

  • Why choose StackThatMoney forums over other paid training courses?

    Go look for yourself, 99% of those courses are outdated. They're compiled lessons of how to use google adwords from 2006 and what an affiliate network is. StackThatMoney forums will get you making money right away because i show you techniques that are working right now, so you can implement them the next day!

  • Can i cancel my membership anytime?

    Absolutely. Your not obligated to stay with us. Join for a month, see if this is what your looking for to help you make money online and decide from there.

  • What do we talk about in the forums?

    Everything to help you make money with affiliate marketing! We lean towards discussing Facebook, POF, Media buying and PPV campaigns, However everything is discussed and available to talk about. We range our case studies from current theories to trying out brand new traffic sources.

  • Are the forums paid only?

    Yes there is no free section in the forums.

  • Can i get a refund?

    In certain cases yes. Read more here