139 Leads or 86 Leads From 11250 Visitors? [PICS]

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In mid 2011 i had a landing page designer make me a couple landing pages for an STM Forum related project. They could design well but didn't have the best grasp on how to make users convert. 1 of the landing pages she gave me was for an IQ test, and i was testing out an IQ offer at the same time. I took the landing page she made, modified it and tested both of them for a forum case study which i never posted. Here's a freebie for the blog readers! Let me show you exactly how i optimized 'landing page A' to an 75% ROI increase from it's original counterpart. This isn't a split test, just more of a how-to optimization. ORIGINAL LANDING PAGEMODIFIED LANDING PAGEMain Change #1 - Overall more of a matching Facebook look. Whether your traffic is from Facebook or not the familiar look of Facebook seems to always intrigue more interest in the landing page. Main Change #2 - The IQ top scores. The mix of showing the top scores themselves and the pics of the users will bring out the competitive side of some people who want to a) beat the users scores, or b) have their pic up on the landing page which gives more purpose to take the quiz. Main Change #3 - Asking an intriguing question as the call to action instead of saying "start the quiz". With the right type of setup and know how you can turn a lot of break-even campaigns into profitable ones. You can find a lot of similar and more in-depth case study's in the forums!

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