A Superbly Radical Time At ASW!

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Took me a while to get to this post, but i have to report back on the awesome time at ASW and the superb meetup/party we held with Adsimilis! My ASW consisted of: - Meeting lots of new awesome people! - Being too busy to eat anywhere amazing :( - Carrying a briefcase of $1000 in 1000 separate $1 bills around - Dragging a big tiger everywhere we went - Meeting some aff managers for the 1st time - Became a professional craps player.. thanks to Puya, Affbuzz & Dan - Seeing Tiesto and Steve Aoki - Having a beer pong tournament that will go down in the history books - Meeting Polarbacon and Tijn, STM forum legends - Meeting partners of fancy new projects - Missed a ton of industry events i planned on going to - Driving to Big Bear for snowboarding - Playing an overload of pictionary Thanks to Adsimilis for helping organize a fantastic meetup! STM Meetup Pictures & Videos! Pumping up the white tiger Crowded beer pong tournament floor Nick & Jasper winning the beer pong tourny Main floor of the meetup * VIDEOStackThatMoney ASW Meetup Couple Random ASW Pics* Neverblue evening meetup @ caesars Drive down Big Bear Jumptap/Neverblue seminar The ride to big bear

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