Affiliate Meet Up Of The Year - StackThatMoney, Adsimilis & Affbuzz

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Ever watched the Hangover movie? Well, you know how the wolfpack were staying at fly fly suite? We thought it would be fitting for our meet up! Come hither to play beer pong, to networking with Adsimilis, STM, Affbuzz and some of the coolest most beautiful people in the world, to chow down on a slice of the legendary Affbuzz birthday cake...and more! DATE Sunday, January 8, 2012 TIME 4 - 7 PM LOCATION The Hangover Hotel Room @ Caesars Palace Almost forgot to mention there will be a 16 team beer pong tournament. All the teams are currently filled (initial signup was in the forums). We will have 2 team openings at the event for anyone who didn't get a chance to signup. We've also brought on reps from lovely traffic sources for you to talk business with. There will be reps from: - jumptap - sitescout - POF - megaclick [News Update] 202 have just sponsored a white tiger to be at the meet up. #kidyounot We'll announce the room # closer to the date.

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