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Here's a bunch of scripts I use all the time for affiliate marketing!

  1. Today's Date at '11:59pm' Script
    "Our Doors Close February 4th at 11:59pm"
    Will always show today's date at 11:59 PM

  2. Tomorrow's Date Script
    "Our Doors Close February 5th"
    Will always show the following day's date

  3. Split-Testing Script
    Split test multiple affiliate offers. Rotates multiple offers in 1 script

  4. 10-Minute Countdown Timer Script '9:59' --> '0:00'
    Counts down from 10:00 to 0:00. Can redirect to another page once it hits 0:00

  5. Simple GEO Script (Display City 2)
    Test Here:

  6. GEO Script (Display City) ( = More Accurate) - "Meet Local Singles In Scranton, Pennsylvania"
    This is a GEO script to place on your landing page using's Free Geo Targeting. It will show the users' city and state. Add it anywhere on your landing page.

    Code =

    Download GEO Files =

  7. GEO Redirect Script
    This is a GEO redirect script based off of's Free Geo Targeting. When a user lands on this script, it will redirect them to whichever URL or offer link you choose based on their country.

    Code =

    Adjust code to add in more countries to redirect!
    MaxMinds Country Code List = Click Here

  8. Double Meta Refresh Script
    Hide where your traffic is coming from! Kind of old school now because of P202's ability to cloak traffic sources. This script sends the user through 2 refreshes on 2 different domains showing the referrer as blank. Warning: It's not 100% foolproof!


  9. Simple Redirect Script

Bonus Prize:


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