Steal 7 Conversion Rate Boosting Scripts From Me - FREE!

Here's a bunch of scripts i use all the time for affiliate marketing! Today's Date at '11:59pm' Script "Our Doors Close February 4th at 11:59pm" - Will always show today's date at 11:59 PM > Download:* Tomorrow's Date Script* "Our Doors Close February 5th" - Will always show the following days date > Download:* Split Testing Script* - Split test multiple affiliate offers. Rotates multiple offers in 1 script > Download:* 10 Minute Countdown TimerScript'9:59' --> '0:00'* - Counts down from 10:00 to 0:00. Can redirect to another page once it hits 0:00 > Download:* Simple GEO Script (Display City 2)- Test Here: - Code:* GEO Script (Display City) ( = More Accurate) - "Meet Local Singles In Scranton, Pennsylvania"* - This is a GEO script to place on your landing page using Free Geo Targeting. It will show show the users City and State. Add it anywhere on your landing page. - Code = - Download GEO Files =* GEO Redirect*Script - This is a GEO redirect script based off of Free Geo Targeting. When a user lands on this script it will redirect them to whichever URL or Offer link your choose based on their country. - Code = *Adjust code to add in more country's to redirect! - MaxMinds Country Code List = Click Here* Double Meta Refresh*Script - Hide where your traffic is coming from! - Kind of old school now because of P202's ability to cloak traffic sources. This script sends the user through 2 refreshes on 2 different domains showing the referrer as blank. Warning: It's not 100% foolproof! > Download:* Simple Redirect Script* > Download:* Bonus Prize:** > Download:

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